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What is Vitalize Peel?

Vitalize Peel is a dermal chemical peel that has been formulated to minimize fine lines and melanin spots that occur as the result of aging and exposure to the elements. Vitalize Peel is recognized as suitable for all skin tone types and complexions by utilizing a specific formulation of peeling agents, which include: alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, resorcinol and retinoic acid.

What is Vitalize Peel used for?

Vitalize Peel is used by individuals seeking to decrease the appearance of fine line wrinkles, restore an even skin tone and diminish scarring which may occur with acne. Vitalize Peel is an effective treatment to utilize in conjunction with other treatment programs such as carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing, which is often used as treatment in more complicated dermal issues such as melasma (brown splotching caused by hormonal changes and other factors) and discoloration of the skin caused by post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (post-surgical scarring).

What is the recovery time post-treatment?

Normal activity may resume immediately following a Vitalize Peel treatment. Patients may expect skin peeling for approximately one to three days post-treatment. The amount of peeling will vary for each patient based on the treatment area and skin type. This is normal and may be concealed with the use of an over-the-counter moisturizer, which will be recommended by the dermatologist.

Chemical Peels

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